My Story

Hey y'all!! I'm Quirah. I am a Lead consultant.  I started selling Scentsy in March 2013 to earn extra money (and to buy more warmers that I will have to put in rotation because all of my outlets already have warmers!). One day, I hope Scentsy can be my full time job, but for now its a passionate hobby.

I found myself asking the question "what's that smell?" quite frequently upon entering clients' houses. And more often than not, the answer was Scentsy! So of course, I had to have!

My first order was a christmas gift-- a Jane nightlight for myself; I had accumlated several scent bars from friends. I was immediately hooked. The scent last for days and there is no flame or ugly black smoke stain. And more importantly, for me at least, they had multiple coffee scents, my absolute favorite that I can never find in the stores! I never questioned how am I going to sell Scentsy, but more of why wouldn't I sell so that I can have all the perks whenever I want. I am now part of a huge team (and sisterhood) that loves with God's grace. 

If you don't have Scentsy in your home, you are truly not aware of what your life is missing. I'd love to chat if your curious.